Assignment 7

I decided to go with the first random elements the generator gave me, which were:
Wizard, Animal, Island, Solve

Game story
After a violent storm at sea a 17th century Scottish sailor is shipwrecked on a tropical island and soon discovers it is inhabited by a menagerie of wild animals. As he searches the island he discovers the remains of other wrecked ships, signs of temporary shelters, fires, but no people. He fashions a shelter and settles down for the night. He is awakened by a strange mystical sound and goes outside to find a demonic wizard casting a spell. The sailor is transformed into a monkey and the wizard vanishes.

The next morning the monkey sailor finds he can talk to other animals on the island, who, it turns out, are also shipwrecked sailors cursed by the wizard. The monkey sailor discovers that the wizard lives in a castle at the centre of the island, so sets off to find if he can solve the mystery of the island and return himself and the other animals back to their usual form.

The game is a platform game that involves the monkey sailor navigating his way across the different environments in the island – the beach, jungle, swamp and mountains. Along the way he enlists the help of the other animals – using the crocodiles as stepping stones in the swamp, the snakes as swinging-ropes in the jungle, etc.

The end of the game involves a confrontation with the wizard in his castle. During a battle, the wizard turns the sailor into a variety of different animals. The player uses each of the animals abilities to defeat the wizard and break the spell.


About colinmaxwell

Creative Industries lecturer. Photographer, designer, game developer, film maker. Scotland.
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One Response to Assignment 7

  1. As one unfamiliar with adventure(?) games, it’s interesting to see the degree to which your narrative could so easily transform into a story or a film Colin. Or indeed how one might start with a story, then tweak it into a game. I know games have additional elements that stories don’t always have – “Games are unnecessary obstacles we volunteer to tackle” (McGonigal) and so my story probably wouldn’t make the transfer. Or perhaps I missed the point of the assignment?

    Might be an interesting exercise to consider the commonalities across, and distinctions between the three media?
    If we had a little more time 😉

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