Assignment 3 – Comic Timing – #edtechcca3

I struggled to find time to do this assignment this week. I would have preferred to draw it by hand, but with limited time I used some photographs and applied the Adobe Photoshop photocopy filter to make them look like sketches.

The practical task is one I did with students recently. They loved it and spent a whole two hours working on it and trying out different ideas. Many of the students borrowed cameras afterwards to try it at home and outside. We also researched light painting and found some amazing examples online. In future I’ll be able to give students a copy of the tutorial so they can work on it by themselves.

Here’s my comic strip tutorial on how to paint with light (PDF)

Photography techniques - how to paint with light

Here are some light painting photos we made.


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Creative Industries lecturer. Photographer, designer, game developer, film maker. Scotland.
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One Response to Assignment 3 – Comic Timing – #edtechcca3

  1. Ian says:

    I’d love to able to hand-draw comics Colin; I found the RSA Animate series (like this one absolutely captivating. Wonder if drawing by hand is more or less time-consuming than I found the digital version to be? Or maybe you become faster with either as your skill and experience levels increase?

    Would love to paint with light, but fear my digicam (good though it is) isn’t up to long exposures 😦

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