Minimalist Movie Poster

Guess the movie…

Incidentally the poster was made with Adobe Illustrator. The bullets were made with the 3D revolve tool.


About colinmaxwell

Creative Industries lecturer. Photographer, designer, game developer, film maker. Scotland.
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14 Responses to Minimalist Movie Poster

  1. colinmaxwell says:

    Nope, not Seven. Hint – it’s from the 1970’s

  2. David Giddy says:

    hmmm, that’s a tough one ;o)

  3. Jen Maddux says:

    Is it the Deer Hunter?

  4. Hint 1: 1971
    Hint 2: Cop movie

  5. dnorman says:

    dirty harry.

    feel lucky, punk?

  6. leelzebub says:

    LOVE THIS. Sending this to my dad, who will get a huge kick out of it.

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