Other DS106ers work

I’ve seen lots of creative work from other DS106 participants over the past two weeks – mainly through the Dailyshoot assignment, but also by following the tags in the blog.

I liked Sophia’s Five Card Flickr Story – I thought it was very poetic.

I love Frank Fitzpatrick’s DS106 image made up of signs and numbers from a hardware store. I wonder what the store staff would’ve made of it? I think I’d have felt compelled to leave the items as they were. In fact I may go on a lunchtime adventure to my local store and leave some cryptic messages…

Frank’s 007 minimalist poster also ranks among my favourites. It’s just a great example of the minimalist poster and evokes a bygone age of Bond movies – when Bond was great and played by Sean Connery!


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Creative Industries lecturer. Photographer, designer, game developer, film maker. Scotland.
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