My favourite work so far…

I’m enjoying DS106 so far, although I still don’t see where it’s going (I’ll bitch about this in my audio post for DS106 Radio).

The assignments have actually been quite enjoyable, probably because they’re small and manageable, but also highly creative.

I’ve particularly enjoyed the Dailyshoot, though some of the briefs were quite frustrating, and I also loved the 4 icon challenge and minimalist poster assignments.

My favourite image from the Dailyshoot was the second one I took for the ‘Fill the frame with an object’ brief. I love the colour, the shapes, the shading and subtle tones in the photo of the tulip.

I also like the image I made for the 4 icon challenge. I love this assignment so much that I’m going to use it with my own students in an attempt to unlock their creativity.


About colinmaxwell

Creative Industries lecturer. Photographer, designer, game developer, film maker. Scotland.
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5 Responses to My favourite work so far…

  1. Todd Conaway says:

    “although I still don’t see where it’s going”

    What if we are already there? Or the “going” is where we are going? Perhaps the exploration of the tools and our interaction with them is the end. You know, journey not the destination and all that.

    I am not sure where the end, and I rather hope there is not one, will be. But I think for today, I am happy to just be in this mess.

    The flower image from the dailyshoot is beautiful.

    • colinmaxwell says:

      You’re probably right Todd – the journey is more important, and perhaps there is no end. As a teacher myself I find my own students wondering why they do assignments, wondering what the end point of their studies will be, and they are often unsatisfied when I tell them ‘this is only the beginning’. It’s not a criticism of the course, I’m wondering where I will take this and what I will do with what I learn. I suppose I can partly answer my own question, because already I’m trying new things with my own students. Today I did the 4 icon challenge with my Photography students. They’re learning to use Adobe Illustrator for a course on vector and bitmap imaging. I hope to post their results soon.

      • Todd Conaway says:

        I teach a face2face Photoshop class and I demonstrated the DailyShoot site for them and they loved it! I imagine we are all getting tools to use, tricks to try, and small epiphanies every so often.

        This is good.

  2. Tom says:

    I’m a fan of the tulip as well.

    As to direction, I think a lot of that ought to be up to you. The class merely gets people started and opens up some possibilities- where you go ought to be your decision.

    • colinmaxwell says:

      Tom, I hope I didn’t sound ‘lost’. Both you and Todd have rallied to my aid and that’s much appreciated. I’m not about to bail from the course, or anything – I think I’ve explained in my reply to Todd. I’m enjoying DS106, and I’m especially interested in its mix of online, offline, classbound, open, massiveness!


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