WordPress wonders

Okay, so only self-hosted WordPress blogs can use plugins. It took me a while to find this out – so hopefully anyone else having trouble will read this and stop trying.

I do have an unused WordPress Blog on my own domain, however now that I’ve started with this one I don’t feel I want to scrap it and move. Anyway, I can’t find any information in my webhosts FAQ about using plugins apart from some instructions on activating the few plugins that are available by default.

Meantime I’ve played around with whatever features that ARE available to me.

  1. Already I’ve changed the theme,  background colour and header image – that was easy. I’m less comfortable about messing with the CSS in case I screw it up completely.
  2. Added the Akismet spam blocker. I don’t understand how this works, but the tag line on the site says “Set it and forget it: Akismet is getting smarter while you sleep” – I will forget it, then.
  3. Twitter widget configured to show my last 5 tweets.
  4. Added the Flickr widget to the blog and it shows 3 thumbnails from my long neglected Flickr account.

About colinmaxwell

Creative Industries lecturer. Photographer, designer, game developer, film maker. Scotland.
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