Master of my domain

Part of this weeks DS106 assignment is to set up web hosting and get a domain. I’m planning to use the host/domain I’ve had for many years, but I now feel I need to start some early spring cleaning and tidy up my existing site, especially as I only have 10 MB of webspace left. I may also look at upgrading my webspace to a better package.

My host is 1&1, and I chose them a long time ago (maybe 10 years ago?) as they offered a very competitive deal at the time that included a bunch of features I thought I needed – PHP, SQL database, SSI, SSL, etc. I host several sites on my webspace, including The Links Market and Emerald Catering, so moving to another host isn’t an option I really want to go for as there will be hassle moving the domains – I just know it.

1&1 offer a  bunch of different features and packages. I haven’t had any real complaints about them over the years – the sites are stable, their helpdesk has responded quickly to the few queries I’ve had, and they keep adding new features from time to time which don’t increase the cost. I’m happy, I’ll stick with them, but I think I’ll spend a little bit extra and upgrade my account.


Two days later and I have upgraded my hosting account. I have had this account for almost exactly 10 years and I had used almost all of the massive 150MB of webspace, filling it with 4 websites, tutorials, animations, portfolio pieces, videos and backups. Now I have 10GB of space, sub-domains and a range of other features previously unavailable to me. Now that I have all of this I feel eager to use it all!


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Creative Industries lecturer. Photographer, designer, game developer, film maker. Scotland.
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