Digital Storytelling – retelling history with technology


Recently I’ve been working on a multimedia project with some students on retelling the story of King Robert the Bruce & the Scottish Wars of Independence. This has resulted in a new website,, which we’re trying to make as interactive & engaging as we can.

The site features an interactive timeline, detailing events in the wars of independence with pictures & text. There is also a videogame, Warwolf, that allows the player to take control of a catapult to smash a castle. In the near future there will be a series of animations, telling the story of some major events in Robert the Bruce’s life, as well as more videogames.

We hope, that by using multiple media types, as well as interactivity, the stories will have a wide appeal & will engage different audiences in different ways. With Scotland celebrating the 700th anniversary of King Robert’s victory at the Battle of Bannockburn, we hope the site will become an invaluable resource for teachers & students.

Soon to be added to the site is the Knight Skills: Joust game.

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Connected is interactive #etmooc

Connected learning is when active dialogue occurs between people with a common interest across a communication channel such as the Internet. It is not sufficient to be a networked learner, drawing on the resources of the Internet, one must be interactive. Interactivity is a two way channel, where change occurs at both ends.
Reading a blog post is a one way process where only the reader is changed by the act. The blog post or its author is unaffected by the process i.e. there is no feedback loop. A multi-way conversation using a Twitter hashtag, however, is an interactive experience where multiple people respond to each other and each participant is affected in some way. If there is no change at both ends of the communication channel, there is no ‘connection’.

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This is me, who are you?

Slideshow made with Google Drive. Video recorded using Screenr. Uploaded and shared via Youtube.

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Thunderbirds are go (for #ETMOOC)!

Thunderbirds was great, wasn’t it? RIP Gerry Anderson.

I’m dusting off this old blog that I used for #DS106 and #edtechcc, and am now using it for #ETMOOC. Want to join in the fun? Go to

  • Google account – check
  • Twitter account – check
  • Subscribed to ETMOOC blog – check
  • Bookmarked the link to Blackboard Collaborate – check
  • Asked to join the Google+ community – check
  • Subscribed to the ETMOOC calendar – check
  • Got a blog – check

All systems checked. Thunderbirds are go!

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Assignment 7

I decided to go with the first random elements the generator gave me, which were:
Wizard, Animal, Island, Solve

Game story
After a violent storm at sea a 17th century Scottish sailor is shipwrecked on a tropical island and soon discovers it is inhabited by a menagerie of wild animals. As he searches the island he discovers the remains of other wrecked ships, signs of temporary shelters, fires, but no people. He fashions a shelter and settles down for the night. He is awakened by a strange mystical sound and goes outside to find a demonic wizard casting a spell. The sailor is transformed into a monkey and the wizard vanishes.

The next morning the monkey sailor finds he can talk to other animals on the island, who, it turns out, are also shipwrecked sailors cursed by the wizard. The monkey sailor discovers that the wizard lives in a castle at the centre of the island, so sets off to find if he can solve the mystery of the island and return himself and the other animals back to their usual form.

The game is a platform game that involves the monkey sailor navigating his way across the different environments in the island – the beach, jungle, swamp and mountains. Along the way he enlists the help of the other animals – using the crocodiles as stepping stones in the swamp, the snakes as swinging-ropes in the jungle, etc.

The end of the game involves a confrontation with the wizard in his castle. During a battle, the wizard turns the sailor into a variety of different animals. The player uses each of the animals abilities to defeat the wizard and break the spell.

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#edtechcca6 – Mapping it Out

My map is a walking tour of historic sites in Dunfermline. It is actually based on an assignment I have set for my photography students. There is a podcast that can be downloaded and used as an audio tour of this area, and I’ve set an assignment for my students to make a slideshow to accompany the audio. If we have time I will introduce the students to Google Maps and get them to make their own maps with their own photographs.

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edtechcca5 – Photo assignments

My photographs for  #edtechcca5

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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